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Septic and Grease Dewatering

D.S.A. plant

Since 1996 Aqua Ben has been a leader in supplying dewatering polymers to Septic and Grease Trap waste processors!

Can you pass the paint filter test?

Whether your currently running a dewatering facility or looking to start one, nothing can help or hinder more than choosing¬†a polymer vendor. With over 20 years experience in the industry and 40 years treating wastewater, Aqua Ben’s Hydrofloc polymers are leading the way in performance and reliability.

We are ready to assist in product evaluation and help you meet your processing goals.

We offer both dry and emulsion grade polymers to meet every application need. We have also worked on every type of dewatering equipment on the market today.

Aqua Ben Hydrofloc Polymers dewater septic and grease fast– Reducing Disposal Costs for the domestic waste hauler.

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Hydrofloc makes cake…fast


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