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Wastewater Testing

Water / Wastewater Testing Services

Laboratory Equipment in Science Research Lab Aqua Ben Corporation’s wastewater testing services are available to both customers and potential customers in order to determine which HYDROFLOC™ polymer is best suited for your need. These services are valuable for engineers, plant supervisors, and operators determining yearly consumption rates and looking for the best product at the most economical price.

There are two options for this service.

  • On site analysis: Contact our technical team to schedule an on site visit for jar testing (toll free 877-771-6041).
  • In lab analysis:  Send samples in for testing (see below).

How the testing service works

You will be instructed to send 2-3 gallons of water or wastewater to our corporate headquarters, or our Midwest office, packed in ice or dry ice. Please send these samples next day air only. This allows us to achieve accurate results in our testing.

Testing fees are as follows: $125.00/ hr. with a two-hour minimum.  Fees will be waived with minimum order. Test results will be sent in report form to include:

  • Product of choiceScientific Beaker in Science Research Lab
  • Estimated dosages
  • If plant flow or treatment capacity is available we can send a quotation for estimated polymer usage

Please contact our corporate office to schedule your sales call or request analysis of your wastewater.

*Flow rates and waste stream fluctuate and polymer feed equipment varies, the estimated polymer usage provided will be just that, an estimate.  Aqua Ben personnel will be diligent in doing every lab test possible to get as near accurate as possible, but will not be held responsible for +/- of the provided usage estimate.  We appreciate your understanding that lab results and field results can vary.

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