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Aqua Ben’s Hydrosorb Division offers the next generation in superior hydroseeding polymers that assist with binding mulch fibers to withstand wind, rain and erosion and conserve water


 Our Soilfloc and Hydrosorb products are non-toxic, environmentally safe and will not harm plants, shrubs or animals.


  •  Soilfloc® DryTack and LiquaTack PAM (Polyacrylamide)  Tackifiers 
    • Our products have the highest active content available
    • Outperform guar based tackifiers for less money
    • Available in different size containers to meet your needs
  •  Soilfloc® 3M70  A “True” Tackifier 
    • A super concentrated, liquid binding agent developed for mulch binding and erosion control
    • For Long term erosion control- Lasting 12-18 months
    • Promotes seed germination and reduces displacement
    • Increases the strength of the soil surface
    • This super strong, cohesive mat will still allow air, water and nutrients to pass through

Superabsorbent Polymer:

  • Hydrosorb 2001F Superabsorbent polymer
    • A superabsorbent anionic polyacrylamide that absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients
    • Allows for rapid seed sprouting and germination by releasing water and nutrients at-will to the plant
    • Retains fertilizer in the soil mixture, reducing leaching
    • Stabilizes newly graded soils
    • Aids in uniform vegetation cover development over the entire treated surface
    • Minimizes drought stress

Cost effective, quality products, that promote success for our hydroseeder customers:


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