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Aqua Ben’s dust-controlHydrosorb, inc. division has a number of valuable chemical tools designed to assist the construction industry looking for reliable BMP products to meet the many environmental demands placed on today’s complex projects without breaking the bank:

Dust Control Polymers:  Dust control for haul roads, demolition and grading, Capping agents for dust control on vacant or paused projects.  Hydrosorb even has outstanding dust control solutions for sensitive habitats!

Erosion Control Polymers:  For exposed hillsides and other areas prone to storm water erosion

Run-off basin water clarifying polymers:  For removing suspended clay particles prior to being discharged off site into a receiving stream

Visit our Erosion Control & Dust Control pages for more information.

Hydroseeding Contractors
Hydrosorb, inc. has soil stabilizing polymers as well as water conservation products to assist in seed germination and soil stabilization.

Visit our Hydroseeding page for more information.

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