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What is Bioaugmentation:

Bioaugmentation is the process of adding scientifically selected organisms into a wastewater microbial community in order to enhance that microbial community. This enhancement allows the microbial community to move effectively and efficiently to digest pollutants while overcoming changes in load and flow, toxic upsets, and other events that negatively affect treatment.

In partnership with MDG, a leader in fermenting Bacillus bacteria, Aqua Ben’s goal is to assist our customers in meeting their biological treatment objectives.

Products Available:

  • Biotifx™
    • Biotifx™ products are a balance of 6 or 7 strains of Bacillus bacteria in various ratios (depending on the application) combined with a proprietary blend of ingredients. Biotifx™ products enhance the ability of the wastewater microbial communities through the process of bioaugmentation.
  • AquaBenBio Liquids
    • Are designed for continuous use to reduce plumbing maintenance cost and reduce the pumping frequency of grease traps and septic systems. AquaBenBio liquids contain a broad spectrum of microorganisms selected specifically to break down the organic material such as; fats, oils, grease, starches, proteins and other substrates that can accumulate in drains, grease traps and septic systems.
    • Industrial Applications for AquaBenBio:
      • Drains
      • Lift Stations
      • Septic Tanks
      • Grease Traps
      • Odor Control
      • Floor and tile cleaners

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