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Wheel Track Rut Control

SOILFLOC® PAM tablets For Wheel Track Rut Control

Wheel track ruts

Wheel track ruts

SOILFLOC® PAM tablets are an environmentally safe, cost effective method of wheel track rut control.  Costing less per tower than most other methods of wheel track management.

Easy to use:  You need only a mesh sack* and something to hang it with, such as twine, bungy cord or coat hanger.  Simply place the tablets into the sack and hang above the wheel tracks from a center pivot or lateral irrigation system, in direct contact with the irrigation water.  Water activates the release of Polyacrylamide (PAM), a powerful soil stabilizer, into the soil, preventing the formation of deep ruts and wheel track erosion on slopes.

SOILFLOC® PAM tablets improve aggregate structure, increase water infiltration to prevent both crusting and liquefying. They work well in all soil, providing unique benefits specific to your soil type.

Sandy soils tend to break down and erode easily, especially on slopes. SOILFLOC® PAM “flocculates” (brings together) the small particles of sandy soil, forming heavier particles that are not as easily displaced and prone to erosion.  Heavy clay soils tend to form deep, narrow wheel tracks when wet, crusting into clods when dry, preventing water infiltration and creating puddles of standing water in the wheel tracks.  SOILFLOC® PAM improves the aggregate structure of heavy soils, creating space between the tightly bound soil particles so that air and water can move through them, preventing both the formation of “clods” and standing water.

SOILFLOC® PAM tablets, used correctly, prevent wheel tracks from forming, but they can’t fill ruts that are already established.  It is important to use them when your irrigation season begins, or shortly thereafter.


Available in 44 lb. pails

*(onion sacks, polymer socks and other types of porous, mesh mediums are often used)

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