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Aqua Ben’s Hydrosorb, inc. division is dedicated to supplying superior quality PAM polymers designed to assist the agricultural irrigation industry improve water quality and conserve water.

Benefits of Soilfloc PAM Polymers:

Water Quality:Photo by: USDA Ag Research Services

  • Soil erosion reduced by 94% in furrow irrigation
  • Soil erosion reduced by 70-75% in sprinkler irrigation
  • Reduces pesticide runoff
  • Reduces nutrient runoff

Water Conservation:

  • Increased field infiltration uniformity
  • Helps prevent furrow or soil crusting
  • Decreases permeability in sandy soils
  • Reduces water loss through evaporation
  • Increases deep root zone moisture content
  • Reduces water needs by as much as 20%

Hydrosorb’s Soilfloc® Products have been tested by UC Cooperative Extension proving their effectiveness.

The USDA Conservation Practice Standard Code 450 also provides support for producers using PAM for irrigation efficiency.

ag sitting water

Untreated soil with poor infiltration leaves standing water

Soilfloc Polymers Available:

  • Soilfloc 100D (dry powder PAM)
  • Soilfloc 300E (emulsion PAM)
  • Soilfloc 200L (liquid PAM)
  • Soilfloc 50ECT (slow release tablets)
  • Soilfloc 30EVT (quick dissolve tablets)


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PAM Products have proved effective in both USDA & COOP Extension testing since the 1990’s. 

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